What does FB Do?

Please see this Whats in it For You pdf to see a very good summary of FB’s main activities and why people should join Farm Bureau.

Mission Statement

Benewah County Farm Bureau is a local grassroots organization consisting of a diverse membership that seeks to advocate responsible, productive, and sustainable agriculture with community education, political involvement, and a commitment to future generations.

Benewah Farm Bureau is Active

We meet monthly to plan, discuss, and implement activities and action according to our mission statement. We believe farming is the back bone of our country and vitally important to our country’s prosperity. In order for the country to prosper, citizens need to be active. Our community activities include organizing legislative report backs, town hall meetings, and forums. We also participate in local events such as the Benewah County Fair. By action alerts and a local newsletter we try to let our members know what is going on in our legislation. Since Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, we also work on resolutions that are then passed to the regional voting delegation, then to the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, and then some will go on to the American Farm Bureau Federation voting delegation. This is where even the smallest counties can affect and play a part in the larger organization of our Idaho Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau. Our resolutions can become part of Farm Bureau policy and affect our legislature in favor of farmers. 

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month through winter and early spring. We then take a break until the hot dog feed at the fair in August. The calendar on the Activities page will also show when up coming events are scheduled. It should also be noted that committees will meet at other times and the date, time, and place of specific committee meetings can usually be found by contacting the County Office.

Our Board of Directors

The Benewah County Farm Bureau Board consists of a President, eight directors representing areas of the county, the Women’s Committee Chairperson, and the Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee Chairperson. There are also officers including the President, Vice President, and Secretary/ Treasurer. Half of the board is elected every October at the Annual Membership meeting for a two year term (except Women’s Committe Chair and YF and R Chair are appointed and confirmed by the board for two year terms). At the following regular monthly board meeting, then the officers are voted in for a two year term.

Our current board members are as follows:

President – Russel Lowry

Area 1 (Emida, Fernwood, Santa Areas) – Gene Moore

Area 2 (St. Maries River Valley and City of St. Maries) – Colin Longworth

Area 3 (St. Joe River Valley and Hells Gulch and Harrison Flats) – Vacant

Area 4 (Plummer, Minneloosa Valley, Lovell Valley, and Rock Creek Valley) – Russel Lowry

Area 5 (Tensed, Desmet, and Sanders) – Keith Daman – VP

Area 6 (Cherry Creek, Benewah Creek, Chatcolet) – Marjorie French

Area 7 (at large) – Mike Ingersoll – Secretary/Treasurer

Area 8 (at large) – Al Stifanick

Women’s Committee Chairwoman – Vacant

Young Farmers and Ranchers Chair – Timothy Daman

To assist the board and facilitate communication there is also a County Office Secretary / Web Admin – Susie Patterson, who is not a board member.

Privacy Policy

Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to become a member, please contact our County Office for more information.