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Annual Membership Meeting Event for 2020 was in November.

Past year speakers have included: Sheriff Resser who spoke about the progress of our Benewah County Sheriff’s office, Senator Dan Foreman who spoke about what he had accomplished during his time in the Senate, Wayne Hoffman from the Idaho Freedom Foundation who spoke about the importance to hold representatives and congressmen accountable, Fred Birnbaum from Idaho Freedom Foundation who spoke about Asset Forfeiture, Jim Chmelik who spoke to us before about the need for getting control of lands held in trust for the State of Idaho (a.k.a. Federal lands), and Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council who spoke on the transfer of public lands to the states.

Marge, Rachael, Russ, and Del discussing 2018 Resolutions.










Despite Covid, we were still able to accomplish some important things last year.

Activities and Achievements of Benewah County Farm Bureau 2020

  • Members attended the annual IFBF meeting
  • Participated in the county “Show Case”
  • State Young Farmer and Rancher Annual Meeting attended
  • CEC members donated to Agri-Pac
  • County Donated to the Foundation for Wildlife Management
  • The Board purchased farmer’s excess potatoes from Idaho and donated to food banks, senior meal sites, churches that distribute free food, and direct to needy families all in Benewah County.
  • Delegates attended District V Resolutions Meeting
  • Attended Summer President’s Conference in Idaho Falls



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