Annual Membership Meeting Event

Our Annual Membership Meeting for 2019 will be November 16th at 6pm.

Our Annual Membership Meeting for 2018 was Saturday October 27th, 6pm. We voted in the following Board Members:  Gene Moore for Area 1, Bud Steinebach for Area 3, Keith Daman for Area 5, and Mike Ingersoll for Area 7, (for total list of directors and to see where those areas cover, please see the About Us page). Our Speaker was Senator Dan Foreman who spoke on his accomplishments during his time in the Senate and his plans moving forward should he be voted in as Senator another term.

Past year speakers have included: Sheriff Resser who spoke about the progress of our Benewah County Sheriff’s office, Senator Dan Foreman who spoke about what he had accomplished during his time in the Senate, Wayne Hoffman from the Idaho Freedom Foundation who spoke about the importance to hold representatives and congressmen accountable, Fred Birnbaum from Idaho Freedom Foundation who spoke about Asset Forfeiture, Jim Chmelik who spoke to us before about the need for getting control of lands held in trust for the State of Idaho (a.k.a. Federal lands), and Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council who spoke on the transfer of public lands to the states.

Marge, Rachael, Russ, and Del discussing 2018 Resolutions.


In 2018, our county proposed two resolutions to the District 5 Convention in response to a bill introduced in a Senate Committee on Retrocession.







Activities and Achievements of Benewah County Farm Bureau 2018

  • Members attended the annual IFBF meeting
  • Recognized in the parade of county “Show Case” activities in the area of membership
  • Board Training by North Idaho Regional Manager, Bob Smathers
  • Policy Development Training
  • Agriculture books read to children at the Library
  • A member participated in several community information meetings
  • Served Hot Dogs, chips and beverages to County Fair participants and parents at the County Fair
  • Fair Booth educational display featured information about property rights and brochures about the updated Idaho Trespass Laws
  • CEC members donated to Agri-Pac
  • Delegates attended Resolutions District V Convention
  • Participated in e-mail campaign to Idaho Legislature
  • Benewah County FB website up to date with local news.
  • Attended Summer President’s Conference and State Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Moving Agriculture to the Classroom presentation of milking the cow and grinding wheat in schools
  • Phone conference call during the Legislature session with Senator Dan Foreman



Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to become a member, please contact our County Office for more information.