Notice of Public Hearing – Proposed Animal Control Benewah County


Please note: This information is a retyping of the Notice of Public Hearing to ensure the public is informed, please contact the Benewah County Clerk’s Office for more information.

Day and Location of the Public Hearing:

Monday the 30th day of October 2017 at 9:00 am, Federal Building Conference Room, 222 South 7th Street Room G-01, St. Maries ID 83861

“The purpose of this public hearing is to take comments from the public regarding proposed animal control, kennel and catterie regulations. The proposed regulations include provisions requiring a kennel or catterie license for possession of more than 6 dogs or cats; regulating dog fighting; setting forth procedures for declaring dogs at dangerous or at risk; providing for seizure, impoundment and destruction of dangerous dogs and at risk dogs; making it unlawful to keep howling or barking dogs; requiring vaccination, health certificates and import permits for dogs; regulating ownership of exotic and wild animals; providing for civil and criminal penalties for allowing dogs in heat to be accessible to other dogs, allowing dogs to chase vehicles, harboring nuisance animals, harboring a dog that snaps, growls, snarls, jumps or otherwise threatens persons using public ways allowing dogs to run at large, allowing a dog to run in a pack, tethering or chaining dogs as a permanent or temporary primary enclosure, burning animal feces, keeping dogs on property not continuously occupied as a primary residence, and for not obtaining a kennel or catterie license; providing rules and regulations related to kennel licenses; requiring a license to be obtained by all existing and new kennels within 90 days of adoption of the regulations; providing record keeping requirements; providing for inspections; providing standards of car for indoor housing of dogs and cats, commercial indoor housing facilities, and outdoor housing facilities; providing for regulations regarding feeding and care of kennel animals; providing sanitary requirements for kennels; providing additional rules for catteries; providing an application and license process; providing application requirements, including written consent of 75% of property owners within one-mile radius of the kennel or catterie; providing for feeds; providing for revocation or denial of licenses; and prohibiting the location of kennels within 300 ft of a property boundary.

Any person desiring to comment on the proposed regulations may do so at the hearing or a written comment may be delivered to the County Clerk at or prior to the hearing. Copies of the proposed regulations are available for review at the Benewah County Clerk’s Office located in the Benewah County Courthouse at 701 College Avenue, Suite 101, St. Maries, Idaho.”

    CANDALEE PARKER07-25-2018

    Did these regulations go through and where do I find if a kennel has a license? Thank you!

    • Susie Patterson
      Susie Patterson09-14-2018

      These regulations were thrown out. There are no kennel licenses in Benewah County. I will upload a “Nuisance Animals and Unattended Dog Ordinance” that was passed. It is completely different and while it does some good, there is room for improvement.

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