Nuisance Animals and Unattended Dog Ordinance

Ordinance #2018-142 Nuisance Animals

In response to questions about the other proposed ordinance that was not passed, I am posting this notice.

Benewah County Commissioners have approved the attached ordinance. It appears that this ordinance did not require a hearing because they had a hearing on a different proposed ordinance that covered the topics in this passed ordinance. The ordinance does some good, but there appears to be room for improvement. They have said that something needed to be done and, while it is not perfect, this ordinance can be changed in the future to fit what the county needs (I am paraphrasing what was recorded in the Gazette Record. Please see the Gazette Record for the article concerning the ordinance after its passage).

Let us know your thoughts.

~ Susie Benewah County FB Office Secretary

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